Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rob's Cancer in Baseball Terms (guest blogger LTB)

A baseball season is a long season.  Training starts in February and runs into  April. From April to October there are 162 regular games. If you are  a good player and on a lucky team you will be playing in extra games in October. It's hard work. It takes a toll on your body to play everyday.  The players families keep everything else going while their loved ones are engage in this epic battles of brain and brawn. When you get to October players and their families are exhausted.  

When Rob showed up for spring training in February, nobody gave him very good odds to make it to the playoffs. But his bat was hot when he needed it to be and his defense is the best in the game. It looked like he was going to go all the way at the All Star Break.  

He hasn't disappointed his fans all season long.  He makes sure he always has a smile for them, and he always tell them how good he is feeling. However, things have  started slowing down for him in September. He has been good enough the rest of the season to earn a spot as a Division Champion. The question still remains: Can he make  it to the World Series? If so:  Is Cancer too good of team to defeat?

When you're playing baseball in October anything can happen.  Every game counts, you can't afford a single loss.    This ain't no bush league, brah, these are the Champs. Rob's rival Cancer has been getting stronger all season. Cancer plays like they want it.

Rob is standing in the October of his battle against cancer. He has played long, and hard, his team mates respect him, but the injuries are starting to add up. He's been benched all week and his team of experts are concerned that he might be on the DL for the rest of the playoffs. 

If you've got Rob on your fantasy team, now is the time to start cheering for him. If you have ever wanted an autographed baseball or a private interview you should reach out now. When this baseball season ends, Rob's looking at retirement. He hasn't said the words yet, but all the signs point to it. 

In other words, Rob is rounding third and headed for home. Don't lose the opportunity to meet him at home plate and pat him on the back for a job well done.

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P.S. Go Reds!


kaesmak said...

When Rob signed you as his manager he made the best decision of his career. Love to all of you...

Eric Anthony said...

This is too much. I love you guys. Requiescat in pace et in amore.

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